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Cathy Cao

Cathy Cao is the principle tour guide in China. Cathy is very fluent in the English language. You will find her charming, effervescent, very personable, caring about each person on the trip, friendly, and is smiling and happy all the time. Cathy will easily be your newest, best life-long friend.

Personal introduction from Cathy:

Hello, friends, Welcome to China! Dr. Anderson and I have been preparing for a long time, putting all our efforts to give you a wonderful trip in May.

I will be in charge of the 4th CHINA ODYSSEY 2017 with Dr. Anderson. As I know that everyone is very excited about this trip. Personally speaking, the main purpose to organize this trip is to help more and more people all over the world know and understand the real China, because I am really proud of my country! In fact, most of the group members in the last three China trips were very surprised with what they saw in the first 3 days. They were talking about China, and also asking me questions all the time. I believe that most of you must have thousands of questions too. We offer the real experience of how we live, not just the comfortable life of a tour bus. If this is what you wish, this is the perfect trip for you! Come and enjoy the fantastic adventure! You will get the best experience in China.

You will have fun with walking, taking local buses or trains. Free WIFI is offered in the hotel rooms so that you can contact with your family, no matter by email or video chatting. Also, Chinese people are very happy and pleased to see us. You can walk around the city by yourself in the early morning or dance with Chinese people in the park in the evening. You can grab a map and enjoy your free time. You can have a relaxing massage with your friends. And of course can buy souvenirs in cash or on visa cards. There are no major health risks at your destinations. You would never be hungry because all kinds of delicious food, Bottled water and soft drinks are safe and available everywhere. I’m sure you will feel secure and safe in China.

Maybe this is the first time for you to come to China, so Dr. Anderson and I will help you get ready for this trip. We are improving our website: and put detail information of the trip. We also improve the itinerary every year to assure that you will have wonderful trips with us!

I look forward to meeting you all this coming May!

Thank you, Cathy Cao

Dr. Verl Anderson

Dr. Verl Anderson has conducted workshops & tours in United States, Russia, China, and New Zealand for the past 16 years. He is a high-energy leader with over 30 years experience in management and international business environments. His focus is on customer care, satisfaction and loyalty.

Personal introduction from Verl:

Ni hao,
I believe this China Odyssey will be an exceptional valuable experience for your personal and professional life/career. It is my hope that you will find the excitement of this wonderful country of China as I do. I have travelled to many countries, and China and is definitely my favorite. The rich culture, immense sense of history, magnificent and glorious sites, and friendly people will help you to feel your bucket list is now complete. You will experience safety and enjoyment. Make sure you bring your camera, for there is much to cherish for many years to come.

At the end of the China Odyssey, Cathy and I will make a photo book to help you to remember your fond time here.

We welcome you warmly, and you will be guided by the very capable Cathy Cao in this awesome land of enchantment.

Thank you, Verl Anderson

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