China Odyssey Description

We have the experience of a lifetime for you—an odyssey to China—the best tour anywhere in the world. This rich experience cannot be offered by any other formally organized tour!

General Philosophy:

Many tour groups approach trips differently than we do, traveling to the sites in a bus and then everyone follows the leader holding a flag in the air. They see the site and climb back on the bus. We feel that they miss most of spirit of the Culture of the country when they do this. We don’t tour in this way.

We will immerse ourselves in the real Chinese culture. We will travel by subway, local bus, walking, and of course, some tour busses. We are a fairly small, flexible group, walking leisurely and allowing plenty of time for everyone to see the sites. We also have free days for people enjoy different options.

We have found that this is much preferred. It is also about $2,000 less expensive than other tour trip groups. We are hoping you are OK with this philosophy.

Think about:

Climbing the Great Wall of China (creating life-long memories)
Viewing the Terracotta Warriors (considered as significant as Egypt’s great pyramids)
Enjoying cruising on a 5-star luxury cruise ship on the Yangtze (more beautiful through the three Gorges than cruising the Passage of Alaska)


  • The Royal Palaces and Gardens: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Gardens, Summer Palace and Gardens

  • Natural scenery: Ghost City, Three Gorges Family, Shibao Pagoda, Three Gorges Dam (largest in the world), A Saipan boat ride with the oarsmen singing to us to in the Wu Gorge

  • Cultural Experiences: Old Beijing Hutongs, Wangfujong Street (700 year-old Chinese market street from Ming Dynasty), Wild Goose Pagoda, live KungFu show, Tang Dynasty dancing show, Dragon Boat ride at the Summer Palace

  • Other Wonders: Ming Tombs, Shibao Pagoda, Tian’an men Square, the top of the ancient 9-mile city wall of Xian

You will be experiencing these wonders right in the heart of China—and among a most friendly and loving people. Our ambition is to bring the very best pleasurable experience to you. This Odyssey to China should be your number one travel priority!

2022 Dates:

13 day odyssey: May 12-24


40 participants


Students, spouses, families, parents, grandparents, kids, aging 18 to 84!
Average walking distance while sightseeing on some days might be 8-10 miles except during the cruise or tour bus portion. If you are in a wheelchair or use a walker or cane, then this trip may not be the correct one for you.

3 Stage Itinerary:

(1) Beijing for 5 days (Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, Wangfujong Street, Tian an men Square, KungFu show).
(2) Travel to Chongqing for a 5-day Yangtze River Cruise on a 5-star cruise ship (through the locks of the 3 Gorges Dam), Saipan Boat Ride, Ghost City, Shibao Pagoda).
(3) On to Xi’an (Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, Drum and Bell Towers, Tang Dynasty show).  


$3,530 for the 13-day China Odyssey.
This includes: All transportation, All admissions, Bus tours, Lodging, Cruise ship suite rooms (all rooms have a private balcony!), Tour guides & services!

It would be wonderful to have you, your spouse, children, parents, and friends come with us next May, 2022.

China Odyssey is filling rapidly—secure your spot now!

  • "It is a totally different country from what I was expecting. Warm and inviting."

    Shay - 2018

  • "What a great cultural experience. The tour guides made it exceptional."

    Rachel - 2018

  • "This trip is worth it, and it's only half over!"

    Jim - 2015

Join the Adventure

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Travel Checklist

Weather: Mostly sunny, chance of rain. Chilly and windy in the morning, 14-25℃
Dress: Short sleeve T-shirt with a light overcoat. Light pants, shorts, any kind of skirt. Walking Shoes or summer shoes. Sunglasses and a hat.
Devices: Camera, Tablets, Cellphone (Wi-Fi available in the hotels)

Daily backpack (for one person):

  • Toilet paper and Napkins

  • Water and Snacks

  • Pen and Note paper

  • RMB Cash. RMB 30/person for lunch/supper in the restaurant, 200-300 for gifts

  • Bus card, provided by Cathy in Beijing. (Return your Bus Card to Cathy when you reach the airport in Beijing before departure)

  • Pills (for diarrhea, allergies, motion sickness) or adhesive bandage in emergency.

  • Important contacts (listed in the following lines)

Emergency Contacts

Cathy Cao (曹子瑛): 027-13477018318

Beijing Mormon Church: Michael Sallings – Branch President (English speaking)
Cell: 18601099751
Church mtgs: Golden Tower Bldg
Liufang N Street, 9:50 am (Sunday)
Travis Sevy: US Embassy & LDS Church member:
Cell: 13910565501 Office: 1861085313051

Beijing International (SOS): 010-64629112

Xian: Henry Liu: the Dean of International School of Xian University (English speaking)
Cell: 13060403412 Office: 029-8155222

Emergency Medical Center: 120