China Odyssey Itinerary

13 days in China with seasoned tour guides as we climb the Great Wall, view the Terracotta Warriors, visit the Forbidden City, and cruise on the Yangtze River.

Day 1. Departure

Fly Las Vegas, U.S.A. ~Beijing, China

(Cross International Date Line. Lose a day on outbound, gain it back on return)

Day 2/3. Day Tour at the Great Wall

Arrive Peking International Airport about 5:30 am

The Great Wall (Morning Activity) Ju Yong Guan Session

Check in the hotel and rest in the afternoon

Wangfujing Shopping Street

Hotel: Located at Beijing Train Station

DAY 4. Day Tour in the Summer Palace

The Summer Palace (Royal garden of Qing Dynasty)

South Luogu Lane (One of the oldest hutongs around with an 800 year history) Now it is packed with small creative shops, cozy cafés and small bars. There you'll find Chinese antiques, traditional arts and crafts, fashionable clothes, Tibetan accessories as well as traditional Beijing traditional snacks. All this packed into just 300 meters of street.

Kung Fu Show

DAY 5. Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Kung fu Show

Forbidden City (Located in the center of Beijing, Tian An Men Square, used to be the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties with a history of around 600 years, it is the grandest integral palace complex still remaining in China and the biggest palace complex in the world)

Temple of Heaven (Royal Garden for Emperors Praying for Harvest)

Kung fu Show

Day 6. Day Tour in Chongqing and Cruise Ship

Day 7. Ghost City, Three Kingdom Show

Ghost City

Three Kingdom Show (Optional but strongly recommended)

DAY 8. River Cruise, Three Gorges, Off Shore Sights

Wu Gorge (1st Gorge in the Three Gorges)

Mini Gorge Saipan Boat Excursion, Hanging Coffin in the cliff

Qutang Gorge

Day 9. River Cruise, Three Gorges Dam, Check Out

Three Gorges Dam (The biggest dam project in the world)

Check out & Half-day Tour in Yichang City

a. Lunch in the Cliff Restaurant

b. Massage (Optional, 70 min. body/foot massage, about $20)

c. Yichang Museum

3.)Sleeper Train / Airplane to Xi’an City

DAY 10. Day Tour in Xi’an City

Arrive Xi’an City in the morning. Check in the Hotel located at Train Station. Shower and Rest.

Ancient City Wall (Built during the 14th century on Tang Dynasty foundations, date to the Ming Dynasty; the walls are the largest and best preserved ancient fortress in the world)

Calligraphy Street

Muslim Street (Tasting the local special foods of Xi’an)

Day 11. Terracotta Army, Tang Dynasty Shows

Terracotta Army

Tea Store (11 kinds of tea, options available for Mormons)

Dumpling Dinner

Tang Dynasty Dancing Show

Day 12. Hua Mountain Hiking

Hua Mountain. One of the 5 greatest mountains in China and a long history of religious significance. The highest point is the South Peak at 2154.9 m (7,070 ft). The cable way in the West Peak is the longest cable way in the world at 4211m (2.7 miles).

Day 13. Flight back to the U.S.

Arrive in Utah

  • "It is a totally different country from what I was expecting. Warm and inviting."

    Shay - 2018

  • "What a great cultural experience. The tour guides made it exceptional."

    Rachel - 2018

  • "This trip is worth it, and it's only half over!"

    Jim - 2015

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Travel Checklist

Weather: Mostly sunny, chance of rain. Chilly and windy in the morning, 14-25℃
Dress: Short sleeve T-shirt with a light overcoat. Light pants, shorts, any kind of skirt. Walking Shoes or summer shoes. Sunglasses and a hat.
Devices: Camera, Tablets, Cellphone (Wi-Fi available in the hotels)

Daily backpack (for one person):

  • Toilet paper and Napkins

  • Water and Snacks

  • Pen and Note paper

  • RMB Cash. RMB 30/person for lunch/supper in the restaurant, 200-300 for gifts

  • Bus card, provided by Cathy in Beijing. (Return your Bus Card to Cathy when you reach the airport in Beijing before departure)

  • Pills (for diarrhea, allergies, motion sickness) or adhesive bandage in emergency.

  • Important contacts (listed in the following lines)

Emergency Contacts

Cathy Cao (曹子瑛): 027-13477018318

Beijing Mormon Church: Michael Sallings – Branch President (English speaking)
Cell: 18601099751
Church mtgs: Golden Tower Bldg
Liufang N Street, 9:50 am (Sunday)
Travis Sevy: US Embassy & LDS Church member:
Cell: 13910565501 Office: 1861085313051

Beijing International (SOS): 010-64629112

Xian: Henry Liu: the Dean of International School of Xian University (English speaking)
Cell: 13060403412 Office: 029-8155222

Emergency Medical Center: 120